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Building Division Forms & Handouts

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HVAC Replacement Requirements

HVAC Replacement Requirements PDF icon (PDF, 85.6 KB)

Duct Test Requirements for New Commercial PDF icon (PDF, 152.5 KB)

Duct Test Requirements for Commercial Additions, Alterations, and Change-outs PDF icon (PDF, 160.3 KB)

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AC Condenser Unit Location and Noise Information

Air conditioning equipment must be located to comply with the City’s Noise Control Performance Standards (San Carlos Municipal Code TABLE 18.21.050-A: Noise Limits).

A minimum setback of 25 feet from any property line while located in the rear yard area will generally comply with the noise standard (55 dBA daytime and 45 dBA nighttime measured at the property line). Air conditioners located in side yard areas generally do not comply with the City’s noise regulations.

hen the AC condenser is replaced or installed in a side yard location, it must allow for a clear 3-foot path of travel and the installer must provide documentation to the satisfaction of the Building Official the unit will comply with the Table 18.21.050-A noise limits referenced above.

If the air conditioning unit is later determined by the City to exceed the limits of the noise ordinance, it must be relocated, replaced, or otherwise modified to achieve compliance with the noise ordinance.

Applications and Forms

Building Permit Application PDF icon (PDF, 43 KB)

Owner Builder Application PDF icon (PDF, 127.9 KB)

Special Inspection Form & Testing Agencies List PDF icon (PDF, 155.5 KB)

Construction & Demolition Waste Management Plan Agreement Form PDF icon (PDF, 69 KB)

Residential Energy Forms
(Energy Commission Website)

Non-Residential Energy Forms (Energy Commission Website)

Code Enforcement Complaint Investigation Report
PDF icon (PDF, 39.8 KB)

Apartment Deck and Balcony Inspection Affidavit PDF icon (PDF, 40 KB)

Building (CALGreen) Checklists 

CALGreen Residential Checklist PDF icon (PDF, 351 KB)

CALGreen Non-Residential Checklist PDF icon (PDF, 370.4 KB)

Project and Building Information Handouts

Accessory Structure Requirements PDF icon (PDF, 34.8 KB)

Apartment Inspection Checklist PDF icon (PDF, 114.1 KB)

Bathroom Remodel Requirements PDF icon (PDF, 286 KB)

Checklist for Public Works Review PDF icon (PDF, 102.5 KB)

Checklist for New Homes & Residential Additions PDF icon (PDF, 176.8 KB)

Checklist for Tenant Improvements & Commercial Additions PDF icon (PDF, 172.3 KB)

City of San Carlos Resident Handbook (Answers to Commonly Asked Questions)

Commercial Accessibility Requirements (2016 California Building Code, Chapter 11B Information)

Construction & Delivery Hours for 2017 PDF icon (PDF, 85.5 KB)

Cripple Wall Seismic Retrofit Guidelines PDF icon (PDF, 1.93MB)

Deck Requirements PDF icon (PDF, 424.8 KB)

Electric Service Change Requirements PDF icon (PDF, 697 KB)

Structural Engineers List PDF icon (PDF, 32.6 KB)

Energy Checklists & Guides (Energy Commission Website)

Fence Requirements PDF icon (PDF, 315.5 KB)

Fire Safety Checklist for Business Owners PDF icon (PDF, 46 KB)

General Building Division Information PDF icon (PDF, 153.1 KB)

Kitchen Remodel Requirements PDF icon (PDF, 388.7 KB)

Photovoltaic Installation Guidelines (Office of the State Fire Marshal)

Projects Without Permits PDF icon (PDF, 45 KB)

Recognized Labeling Agencies

Re-Construction Determination Handout PDF icon (PDF, 88.5 KB)

Retaining Wall Requirements PDF icon (PDF, 179.3 KB)

Sanitary Sewer Video Inspection Requirements PDF icon (PDF, 87.9 KB)

Secondary Living Unit Amnesty Program PDF icon (PDF, 116 KB)

Soils Engineers List PDF icon (PDF, 46.4 KB)

Soils Hazard Zone Map  PDF icon (PDF, 5.58 MB)

Soils Report Information for Hazard Zone A PDF icon (PDF, 44.7 KB)

Soils Report Information for Hazard Zone B PDF icon (PDF, 47.9 KB)

Survey Requirements & Local Surveyors PDF icon (PDF, 106.7 KB)

Swimming Pool Requirements PDF icon (PDF, 248 KB)

Water Heater Requirements PDF icon (PDF, 66.7 KB)

Wildland Urban Interface Checklist - WUI PDF icon (PDF, 227.4 KB)

Wildland Urban Interface Product List

Window Installation Requirements PDF icon (PDF, 98.2 KB)

Work Exempt From Permits PDF icon (PDF, 54.3 KB)