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Short-term Traffic Delays Result in Long-term Benefits
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October 4, 2016 – San Carlos, CA – A number of infrastructure projects that are occurring simultaneously along Brittan Avenue are expected to impact traffic over the next several weeks. While the inconvenience is temporary, the results will produce more reliable services to the San Carlos community.

On October 10th, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will recommence its continuing work on sections of Line 147, the underground natural gas pipe along Brittan Avenue in San Carlos. Work will take place Monday through Friday during normal business hours. This work is part of the planned inspection work being performed along Line 147. Excavation of the roadway around preselected locations will occur to determine if repairs or upgrades are needed. Gas service in the area should not be interrupted, but traffic delays are expected.

PG&E is advising residents to be aware of increased truck traffic and crews as well as contractors conducting excavation work. Customers in the area are being notified with mailed letters, phone calls and in-person contact. As a precaution, PG&E continues to maintain a low pressure on Line 147 until it has been fully inspected and repaired, and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) allows the pressure to be increased. Questions regarding the project should be directed to PG&E representative Francisco Ybarra at 650-730-7057 or by calling 800-743-5000.

The California Water Service Company has been working on Brittan Avenue between Porto Marino Drive and Rogers Avenue repairing some of its water lines for the last several months. The work is nearly complete, as crews are finishing the last of the water service tie-ins and road repaving. The completion date is set for October 21st.

The City of San Carlos is also starting construction this month on rehabilitation of its sewer mains on Brittan Avenue from Tamarack Avenue to Brook Street and from Hewitt Drive to Tramanto Drive. Residents can expect traffic control and some delays because of the work,with a likely completion date before the Thanksgiving holiday.

“We know that dealing with traffic back ups and delays from construction work can be frustrating for our residents, ” said San Carlos Public Works Director Jay Walter, “but we all know how important it is to have infrastructure that delivers both water and natural gas safely and conveys wastewater efficiently and reliably. These three projects will do that for the San Carlos community.”

We appreciate the public’s patience during this time. The City of San Carlos Public Works department can be reached at 650-802-4200.