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The goal of the Risk Management Program is to the develop City safety policies and procedures and insure assets in order to minimize and protect the City’s resources against risks or liability. The Risk Management Division manages three primary areas - Workers' Compensation, Liability, and Occupational Health & Safety.

The Risk Management Division manages the following three areas:

Workers' Compensation:

The Workers' Compensation Program ensures timely delivery of medical treatment and benefits to injured workers while minimizing the City's exposure.  Employees can designate a personal physician as its Workers' Compensation doctor or go to any of the City's contracted Workers' Compensation clinics throughout the Bay Area.  The City is self-insured and processes all Workers' Compensation claims through a third-party administrator, Cities Group.


The Risk Management Division works with the Association of Bay Area Governments, Pooled Liability Assurance Network (ABAG Plan), which provides the City with cost-effective self insurance, risk sharing and risk management program.  Effective August 1, 2014, ABAG Plan hired York Risk Services to provide claims administration services.  

Liability claims against the city should be submitted to the City Clerk. More information on claims can be found on the File a Claim page

Occupational Health & Safety

The Risk Management Division analyzes and implements operational best practices in order to reduce the number of filed claims, reviews and updates the Injury & Illness Prevention Program to conform to Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) regulatory changes, meets with the Safety Committee to develop programs to increase safety for city employees, organizes various mandatory and non-mandatory safety trainings in order to assure a proactive risk management and risk avoidance program for all city operations.

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