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Refusal of Consent Registry Form and List

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If you are a resident or business owner in San Carlos who wish to no longer receive unsolicited or unsubscribed handbills or literature of any kind from distributors on your premises, please proceed with the steps as outlined in the following chart:  


Within 15 days of your form submission, your address will be added to the "Refusal of Consent" registry list, which will be available for viewing online (see link below) and at the City's Police Bureau – 600 Elm Street, San Carlos. Distributors are required to review this registry prior to handbill or literature distribution efforts and shall not leave such handbills or literature at any premises identified on the list.

To access the Affidavit Template, click here.

For more information on this registry, please view Chapter 5.45 of the San Carlos Municipal Code.

Please note that only one entry per address is necessary. All duplicates will be deleted.

            View the "Refusal of Consent" Registry List.

If you have any questions or would like to remove your address from this registry, please contact:
Crystal Mui, City Clerk
eMail: or 
Phone: (650) 802-4219

Refusal of Consent Form

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