City of San Carlos - Report to Council - PG&E Hydrostatic Testing in San Carlos - Sept 12 2011


Report to City Council - PG&E Hydrostatic Testing in San Carlos - Sept 12 2011

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City of San Carlos
Council Staff Report

City Council

From: Al Savay, Acting Public Works Director

Subj: PG&E Hydrostatic Testing in San Carlos

Receive report on PG&E plan to perform Hydrostatic safety testing of its natural gas pipeline along Brittan Avenue.

Fiscal Implications
There will be no fiscal impact to the City of San Carlos.  Costs for the hydrostatic testing are paid by PG&E.

Beginning on September 21st through September 29th 2011 PG&E will conduct a hydrostatic pressure test on sections of natural gas pipeline along Brittan Avenue starting at Old County Road all the way through Crestview Drive and into the Pulgas Ridge open space preserve (See attachment 1 - Maps).

The process consists of emptying sections of a pipeline and making them free of any natural gas.  Water will be poured in the pipeline and a pressure test will be then conducted.  The purpose is to detect any damage or leaks to the gas pipelines. 

This will be done by sections.  Once the first section is completed, the second section will be emptied from any gas and the water will then be moved from section 1 to section 2.  This process will repeat until all sections have been tested. 

If there is a leak detected, the leak will be repaired.  There will be three locations in which excavation will be necessary to remove or replace certain valves.  These areas are Old County and Brittan, Brittan and Alameda de las Pulgas, and Brittan and Milano Way. 

Once all the pipeline sections are tested, the water used for testing will be released into our sewer system.  SBSA has been notified and they will be testing the water weekly to make sure the level of contaminants does not exceed permitted limits.

PG&E has sent informational fliers to San Carlos residents in the area of the tests and conducted an open house meeting at the Trinity Presbyterian Church on September 7 from 5:30 to 7 pm to inform residents about the testing procedure and what to expect (See Attachment 2 – Notification letter and Information from open house meeting).

San Carlos has issued PG&E encroachment permits to use portions of the roadway at Old County Road and Brittan Avenue, Brittan Avenue and Alameda de las Pulgas, and Brittan Avenue and Milano Way.   

Parts of the roadway in these areas will be used as staging areas for testing vehicles and workers.  There will be some traffic disruption as vehicles will need to slow down prior to crossing intersections or making turns.  Traffic control people will assist flow of traffic and ensure safety. 

The city has required PG&E to send written notification to properties within 500 feet of each of the staging and work areas prior to commencement of the work with contact information for complaints and information.  Individuals at each work location will also have PG&E contact information for concerned citizens.  This report and informational brochures will be posted on the city web site.

1. Maps of Test Area Pipeline in San Carlos (Acrobat PDF File, 721 KB) 
2. Information from PG&E - Open house notification letter and information from open house meeting on September 7, 2011 (Acrobat PDF File, 6.3 MB) 

Submitted by:

Al Savay
Acting Director of Public Works/
Community Development Director

Approved for submission by:

Jeff Maltbie, City Manager