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Below are the activities that have occurred in 2016 concerning PG&E Line 147 safety issues. See the news releases for more details.
February PG&E conducted work along Natural Gas Pipeline 147 in preparation for inline inspection of the pipeline.
April-May PG&E conducted an inline inspection of Natural Gas Pipeline 147 using a tool called a "Smart Pig". The work took several weeks to complete. The result of the work will be information about the condition of the line.
June The inline inspection results were evaluated and showed three areas of concern along the pipeline. PG&E performed excavations of these areas to determine the condition of the pipe.
July PG&E reported that the areas excavated along Line 147 indicated corrosion of the pipe in all three areas, requiring the installation of sleeves to strengthen the pipe.
October PG&E will begin conducting additional excavations along Line 147 in several more areas to fully investigate the condition of the pipe that were identified during the inline inspection.
December PG&E continues to repair areas along Line 147 identified during the inline inspection. The locations along Brittan Avenue are complete, but work continues in areas west of the Alameda on private property. This work is expected to take many months.