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City Strategic Goals and Objectives

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Since February 2006, the City Council has met with City Department Heads and members of the public in Strategic Planning Retreat sessions. During these sessions, the City's Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Core Values and Strategic Objectives are reviewed and updated. 

Once the Strategic Objectives are set, the Executive Team meets to establish work plans and timelines to achieve them. 

2017-18 Strategic Plan (Adopted by the City Council on February 27, 2017)

Click here to view the 2017-18 Strategic Plan.

Mission Statement
The City of San Carlos provides high quality services and facilities in a fiscally sustainable, responsive and friendly manner to foster a safe and healthy community.

Vision Statement
San Carlos will continue to move with confidence into the future to become a desirable, vibrant family and business friendly community, admired by all as a great place to live, learn, work and play.

Core Values
The City of San Carlos values (not in priority order):

    • Fiscal responsibility and sustainability

    • Protecting the City’s assets, resources and infrastructure

    • Strategic thinking and planning for the future

    • High ethical standards and care for the community

    • High quality customer service

    • Protecting our environment

    • Community engagement and community building

    • A strong sense of community

    • A safe, diverse and welcoming community

    • Support the well being and development of City employees

Strategic Goals 

    • Affordable Housing: The City of San Carlos will encourage multi-family housing consistent with the General Plan and mixed-use concepts along transit corridors.

    • Infrastructure: The City of San Carlos will identify and plan for strategic infrastructure improvements and maintenance.

    • Parking: The City of San Carlos will develop parking improvements for the downtown, south Laurel Street and the Transit Center that consider the interests of businesses, residents and the City.

    • Public Outreach, Community Engagement and Social Media: The City of San Carlos will develop and enhance public outreach, community engagement, and social media tools and platforms to facilitate open communication and information sharing with the public.

    • Public Safety: The City of San Carlos will provide high quality, stable and cost effective Public Safety services to the community.

    • Traffic/Transit: The City of San Carlos will identify, plan and complete strategic traffic improvements while encouraging more use of public transit and alternative modes of transportation. Not in priority order

Work Plans
Click here to see the 2017-18 Work Plans.

Earlier Strategic Plans - Past 2 Years
The City's policy is to provide information for up to 2 years on the City Website.  Here are links to the earlier Council Strategic Goal Setting Retreats over the past two years: