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Welcome to the San Carlos Police Bureau Website

One of the greatest strengths of this City has always been the feeling of safety our residents and visitors have when they are here.  Whether taking their kids to school, walking down Laurel Street, or attending one of our exciting community events, people have a strong sense that they are safe in San Carlos.  This feeling that people have is well founded and the facts point to why they should feel that way.

San Mateo County is the 2nd safest urban county in the State of California with Marin County being safer by only a small margin.  In contrasting the cities within this county, San Carlos comes out as one of the safest.  Being a safe city within a safe county is not a bad reputation to have and it is part of what makes San Carlos such a special place.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office takes great pride in the role we play in helping to keep this City safe.  But, it’s been a true team effort to get us to this point.  The City Council has had to make some tough choices in this economy but has consistently been focused on making policy decisions that keep the community safe.  Our community development process, event planning, and strategic planning process all factor in the importance of public safety.  And, we have formed a true partnership with you - our community members.  Through your input and involvement, we have been able to focus our policing efforts toward areas that matter most to you.  All of these working in concert make for both the feeling and the reality of safety.

Although we are a safe city, we still have crime and our mission is to work closely with the community to prevent it and apprehend those that are responsible for it.  In this next year, we will be working hard to educate our community on the power of effective crime prevention.  When it comes to effective crime prevention, citizens have more power than you can imagine.  Please stay tuned as we start the dialogue and education process on this.

San Carlos is a very special place to those of us who know it.  On behalf of Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and the entire San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, I want to welcome you to our webpage and let you know that if there is anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to call.

Be Safe!

Greg Rothaus

Chief of Police