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Block Parties and Special Events

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Block Parties

The City of San Carlos encourages residents to hold Block Parties as a way to get to know your neighbors!   The Parks & Recreation Department processes applications for Block Parties.  This process enables staff to work with residents in advance of the event date to address any potential challenges and help to ensure a successful event.

New for 2017:  The City of San Carlos wants to ensure that affected neighbors on the block of the proposed street closure are informed and are in agreement; therefore, please attach the "Petition for Residential Block Party" including signature of at least one adult occupant from 2/3 of the residences of the street to be closed, agreeing to the street closure.  Details are included in the PDF documents below.  Applicants are encouraged to submit their application with attachments, a minimum of 30 days in advance of the event.  Block Party-Event

Please note that not all streets in San Carlos are eligible to hold a Block Party, especially those considered "collector streets."   While permit fees and insurance fees have been waived, effective July 1, 2014, barricades are still a requirement to hold a Block Party and can be rented through local vendors. 

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For More Information:  please contact the Parks & Recreation Department at (650) 802-4421.

Special Events

Permits for organized community activities held on public property, including parks and facilities, sidewalks and/or street areas that change the typical use of that property, require a permit.  Permits for these types of events are processed through the Parks & Recreation Department.  Applicants are encouraged to submit their application for a special event permit a minimum of 60 days before the event.  Large events and first time events may require a longer processing period.  Examples of events requiring a permit issued through the Parks & Recreation Department include, but are not limited to:  farmers markets, sports tournaments, parades, runs, walks and races.  The permit fee does not include the cost of insurance or barricades.  Depending on the assessed risk, the City may require a refundable cleaning and damage deposit for the use of City property. The permit fee can be paid by cash, or check payable to the City of San Carlos. 

Special Event - parksPermits for Special Events on all other properties are processed through the Planning Department and require a separate application form.  For information and applicable guidelines, please contact the
Planning Department, (650) 802-4263.  Examples of events requiring a permit issued through the Planning Department include, but are not limited to:  parking lot events, outdoor tent events, festivals, events involving live music and auctions.