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The Maintenance Division is comprised of five units coordinated by the Public Works Superintendent.

The units are:

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The goal of the Stormwater program is to ensure clean stormwater discharges under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit and to maintain the storm drainage system.  The services provided by this unit include the following: Clean stormwater, Creek monitoring, Levees, Storm drain maintenance and repair, and Laurel Street sidewalk cleaning.  Street sweeping and parking lot cleaning, which is related to the Stormwater program, is funded by the solid waste franchise fee.

The total FTE allocated to this program is 3.17, of which 0.07 is external to the Department of Public Works.

Under the direction of the Public Works Superintendent, 1.5 Maintenance Worker and 0.25 Senior Maintenance Worker maintain the storm drainage system.  This includes creek/street crossings, pump station maintenance, drain inlet cleaning, and pipe/culvert cleaning.  This unit also completes monthly discharge and compliance reports.  To meet the goals of the San Mateo Countywide Water Pollution Prevention Program , all storm water catch basins must be inspected annually and debris removed as needed.


The goal of the Wastewater program is to ensure that the wastewater collection system is operated in a safe and healthful manner.  The services provided by this unit include wastewater collection and conveyance and response to spills.  The total staffing for wastewater is 10.44 FTE, of which 0.52 is external to the Department of Public Works.  The Director and the Engineering Division provide management oversight and capital project delivery for this unit.  A total of 7.8 FTE are allocated to wastewater services in the maintenance division.

The Wastewater crew responds to emergency sewer calls, maintains sanitary sewer mains and laterals through a preventative maintenance program, maintains and repair lift station pumps, repairs sewer laterals and mains and processes all necessary State and Local reports.  Wastewater treatment is provided by the South Bayside System Authority (SBSA) through a joint powers agreement (JPA). 

For Sewer Emergency Calls

On Weekdays during business hours    (650) 802-4140 
On non-business hours, weekends, and holidays Only (650) 802-4321

Streets & Traffic

The goal of the street maintenance program is to ensure that public roads are maintained in a safe operating condition.  The services provided by this unit include bridge and retaining wall inspections; pavement maintenance and repair; right of way management; sidewalk repair; and street lighting.  In-house street repairs are limited to small patches.  Larger repairs are included in the annual pavement rehabilitation project, which is funded by the Gas Tax dollars.  The total staffing for street maintenance is 1.05 FTE, of which 0.35 is directly involved in in-house street repairs.

The goal of the traffic operations program is to provide for safe roadways by engineering, making, installing, and maintaining traffic control devices.  The services provided by this unit include curb painting maintenance, pavement marking maintenance, traffic control signs, traffic engineering, and traffic signal operations, maintenance and repair.  This unit also creates signs for City facilities and other units as requested.  Traffic engineering services are provided by consultants managed in the Engineering Division, and traffic Signals are maintained by contract.  Under the direction of the Public Works Superintendent, this unit has 0.20 of a Senior Maintenance Worker and 0.10 of a Maintenance Worker budgeted.