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Sweeping Schedule For The City of San Carlos

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The city has made a change to street sweeping schedule in order to eliminate conflicts between the new garbage collection days and the street sweeping days.  The main area of conflict was West of Alameda and South of Brittan Ave which was being swept the third Thursday of the month.  The entire third Thursday sweeping schedule has been changed to the third Friday of every month.   This change should result in cleaner street and help in reducing trash and debris flowing to the bay.

Please see the sweeping schedule for your street below. Click on the appropriate link to view a map drawing of your particular area.

Residential Sweeping Calendar (PDF, 80.5 KB) PDF icon

Industrial Area (PDF, 271 K) PDF icon

  • North of Howard Avenue - On Fridays
  • Howard Avenue South - On Mondays

Commercial Area (PDF, 355 K) PDF icon

  • Every Monday and Friday

Residential Area 1 - Flat (PDF, 437 K) PDF icon

  • South of Brittan Avenue - 1st & 3rd Tuesday
  • Brittan Avenue North and East of Old County Road- 1st & 3rd Wednesday

 Residential Area 2 - Hills  (PDF, 822 K)  PDF icon

  • South of Melendy Drive - One half is swept every 1st Friday of the month, while the other half is swept every 3rd Friday of the month
  • West of San Carlos Ave - Swept every 1st Thursday of the month
  • East of San Carlos Ave - Swept every 3rd Thursday of the monthy

Parking Lots (PDF, 84 K) PDF icon

Every Monday and Friday

  • Wheeler Plaza
  • Williams Plaza
  • Clark Plaza
  • South Plaza
  • Corporation Yard - Fridays only

All Areas (PDF, 910.4 KB) PDF icon

Several streets on the sweeping maps are highlighted in red indicating “areas not swept.”  These select streets are not swept because they fall into one of the following categories: dead-end streets, private streets, streets with rolled or no curbs, or streets too steep.

Your efforts to keep the curbs clear of garbage cans and recycling bins and have vehicles parked off the street would be greatly appreciated. By these simple steps, you can help the street sweeper keep your neighborhood clean.If you have any questions about the new schedule, please contact the Public Works Maintenance Division at (650) 802-4140.