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2013 Green Business Award Winners


The San Carlos Chamber of Commerce and the City of San Carlos announced that three local businesses – AU Energy, Dennco Heating and Plumbing and McDonald’s – are this year’s recipients of the San Carlos Green Business Awards.  The Green Business Awards were created by the City of San Carlos, the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce Green Business Committee and San Carlos Green.

The City and Chamber of Commerce noted that “We were fortunate this year to have a number of San Carlos businesses do excellent work in the areas of reducing their energy consumption and in making major strides to increase the diversion of material from landfill to recycling and composting as part of the City's Mandatory Commercial Recycling Ordinance.  The awardees were selected after reviewing achievements in this area with the City of San Carlos, the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce, P.G. & E., the supplier of electricity and natural gas in San Carlos and Recology San Mateo County, the Garbage and Recycling Collection Firm in San Carlos.”

Energy Conservation
Last Spring, PG&E’s San Carlos team led by Senior Account Executive for Energy Solutions Kathy Lavezzo met with Chamber CEO Dave Bouchard and San Carlos Assistant City Manager Brian Moura to pilot a program to encourage small and medium sized businesses to reduce their energy use, cut their costs and do so before new “time of day” rates took effect in November.  A number of San Carlos businesses took advantage of the program and ultimately PG&E has spread this program to neighboring cities.

In San Carlos, we saw several local businesses retrofit their lighting and refrigeration systems, reducing energy consumption and improving their bottom line by cutting costs.  The Annual Green Business Awards go to two of these firms for reducing their electrical usage by literally thousands of Kilowatt Hours!  They are: AU Energy – over 33,000 Kilowatt Hours saved and Dennco Heating & Plumbing – over 23,000 Kilowatt Hours saved.  These are outstanding achievements in energy saving.

Commercial Recycling and Composting
In the area of reducing material going to the landfill, McDonald’s in San Carlos worked closely with the Commercial Outreach Team at Recology San Mateo County led by Mia Rossi on how to simultaneously increase diversion and reduce costs at McDonald’s.  This group developed a plan to implement an aggressive Food & Materials Composting program to supplement the work McDonald’s was already doing in Recycling.  The result was an increase in overall diversion at McDonald’s from 50% to 67% of all materials.

This is an excellent achievement in diverting more material from the landfill as well as resulting in a reduction in their Solid Waste service costs.

Commitment to Being a Green Business
The Chamber of Commerce and the City of San Carlos applaud the work of AU Energy, Dennco Heating & Plumbing and McDonald's in reducing their energy usage and increasing the amount of material diverted from the landfill.  These efforts show their commitment to being greener businesses in this community and serve to inspire other firms in San Carlos to look at their programs and carry out similar work in the year ahead.